York News Times Paper Carrier - York, NE

York News Times   York, NE   Part-time     Delivery / Courier
Posted on August 23, 2021


York News Times Tuesday thru Saturday Delivery

Route #95 - 36 Papers
Laurel Lane, Arbor Court, Arbor Heights, East 12th St, Blackburn Ave,
ADvantage Tuesday Delivery Only - 45 Papers

York News Times Tuesday thru Saturday Delivery

Route #35 - 35 Papers
East 16th Street, East 18th St, East 19th St, East 20th, St, Edison Ave, East Ave, N. Lincoln Ave, N. Grant Ave, Iowa Ave, Nebraska Ave
ADvantage Tuesday Delivery Only - 36 Papers

Newspaper carriers are tasked with delivering newspapers to both stores and individual customers. They’re responsible for picking up and loading the day’s deliveries into a vehicle and ensuring that newspapers arrive at their destination on time. This position requires organization, the ability to plan and map efficient routes, and a willingness to start work very early in the day so that the customers have newspapers before 6:30am Tuesday through Saturday. Newspaper carriers may also be responsible for picking up unsold stock, and maintaining detailed delivery and pickup records throughout their shifts. In some cases, newspaper carriers assemble and bag newspapers prior to delivery. This requires an even earlier start, as newspapers may be delivered directly to a carrier’s home unassembled and need to be sorted and prepared for delivery. Some days papers may need to be placed in rain bags to avoid damage to paper during inclement weather.