Fillmore county Medical Center   GENEVA, NE   Full-time     Nursing
Posted on December 23, 2021


The Physician Office Nurse is responsible for patient preparation, administering all nursing duties as designated by the physician, and maintenance of patient records. Other responsibilities may include training orientation of new employees. Accepting responsibility and performing duties so as to operate the physician office in an efficient, economical and businesslike manner are the utmost importance.

1. Prepares the patient for each visit with the provider according to the reason for the visit.
2. Gives injections, performs dressing changes, and attends to all nursing duties as prescribed by the provider.
3. Insures that patient records are properly maintained and kept up to date with all known medical information.
4. Performs in house testing as ordered by the provider, with appropriate documentation in patient chart.
5. Performs other duties as needed.


1. Must possess a current valid state Nursing License.
2. Must have good communication skills.
3. Must possess leadership abilities.
4. Must have current CPR certification.


1. Works in an indoor, smoke-free, climate-controlled environment.
2. Must be able to lift up to 20 lbs.
3. Much walking, bending, stooping, lifting, and standing required.
4. Must be able to tolerate a moderate noise level.
5. Probable contact with biohazardous materials and communicable diseases.

SUPERVISION: Responsible to the Physician.


1. Will conform to all clinic procedures and policies at all times.
2. Will perform all duties as described by the job description within the scope of licensure.
3. Maintains current professional license in accordance with state law.
4. Provides leadership in medical concerns in the absence of the physician.
5. Does not discuss patient matters such as medical treatment, diagnosis, or history outside of the clinic setting.
6. Maintains a positive attitude and a professional demeanor.
7. Dresses in a neat, clean uniform.
8. Maintains high personal hygiene standards.
9. Willingly accepts new responsibilities and cooperates with implementation of change.




A Medical Assistant at the Fillmore County Medical Clinic provides general assistant to patients in our healthcare facility by performing the following duties, in compliance with MA standards of maintain confidentiality, integrity, quality of care, and professionalism.

1. Collects and updates patient information in clinic chart
2. Assist providers while performing patient checkup
3. Performs EKG
4. Performs in injections
5. Performs order ancillary services
6. Documents patient phone calls and follow up
7. Enters nursing home rounds performed by providers
8. Answers phone when front staff are unavailable
9. Assists in patient phone calls
10. Triage patients
11. Manages EHR Workload
12. Cleans and disinfects patient rooms
13. Orders medical supplies
14. Explains procedures and treatment to patients
15. Follows up with patients test results
16. Prepares equipment and aid providers during treatment and examination of patient
17. Observes patient, records significant conditions and reactions, notifies supervisor or provider of patient’s conditions and reactions to drugs, treatments, and significant incidents
18. Takes temperature, pulse, blood pressure, and other vital signs to detect deviations from normal, assess condition and patient responds appropriately
19. Responds to life saving situations based upon nursing standards, policies, and procedures and protocol
20. Documents nursing history and physical assessment for patients
21. Initiates patient education
22. Floats among various clinical services (where qualified and competent)
23. Participates in quality improvement activities
24. Uses PPE where appropriate
25. Follow’s HIPPA and OSHA standards


1. High School Diploma
2. Medical Assistant Certificate