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Fans. Machining. Fabrication. We do it all. Our crew is capable of designing and producing the parts you need for nearly any application. Our talented engineers will solve your problem with smart and efficient designs, and our skilled technicians will use our high-end equipment to machine, cut, bore, or build it. As for our customer service? It’s the best. If it’s air movement you need, we’ve already got the components or the ability to create them. We’ve been partnering with the London Fan Company since the beginning, producing many of their Breezax lines here in the states, and we’ve added additional lines to fill other needs where necessary. Tell us what you need and we’ll build it and have it out the door in short order.

Jobs at Breeza Industrial

Accounting Clerk

Featured Job Breeza Industrial at Utica, NE

Are you a motivated Accounting Clerk looking for a new challenge? Breeza Industrial is looking for a reliable, hard-working Accounting Clerk to join our team ...

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